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The Phlebotomy InternshipPosted by Phlebotek


Each year, you and thousands of other knowledgeable phlebotomists and medical assistants graduate from accredited universities nationwide. Phlebotek understands that you want nothing more than to start your career in the medical field as soon as possible. As you know, landing that first job can be just as difficult as it was getting your certification.

It seems like every job you see requires prior experience. What can you do to gain this necessary experience and build a resume that makes you more attractive to potential employers? By partnering with some of the best and well-known schools in the country, Phlebotek Phlebotomy Staffing is here to provide a solution. We are excited to announce the Phlebotek Internship Program.

Our new internship program allows medical care providers such as hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and wellness companies to offer you a four-week internship. An internship will provide you with the necessary experience, knowledge and confidence you need to achieve your next goal – landing the perfect job.